Let go of fear

After completing my Yoga Teacher training, I soon started teaching. First in the Netherlands and recently on Bonaire.

Now that Draga Yoga is becoming more known on the island, i have had some messages from various persons. One is the most common: I would like to try yoga, but I have never done it before!

I have to say I have sensed some fear. What is going on in the mind?

  • I have never done yoga before, so i cannot do it?
  •  I’m not that flexible, yoga is for flexible people right?
  • How will I look in the class?
  • Is it to hard for me?
  • Will I be the only man in the class?
  • I don’t know what to expect…
  • ……………….

Well.. There is only one way to find out! Spread your wings, and you will fly. You have already done so much things in your live which were new for the first time. Yes, off course you made some crashes, stood up and continued or tried something else. But remember there were also a lot of wonderful things that came out of trying something new! When you first saw it like a big scary decision and after finally trying, asking yourself why haven’t I done this earlier??

So let go of that fear, step out of your comfort zone and just join a random class on the island or in the world! Judgement should never be allowed in a yoga class. You are doing this for yourself and no one else! Physically it will maybe be challenging, or maybe not at all. But nothing to be afraid of. You always have your options. And Challenging yourself will lead to growth. Remember that the main goal is to find calmness and lower the ego!


Yoga asana teacher