Manduka & Dushi Yoga

We are proud to announce that since this week we are the official reseller of Manduka on Bonaire!

Dushi yoga strives for quality, optimal customer experience and a healthy environment for mankind and nature, this should be reflected in all details.  Manduka is in line with this vision and the products are beautiful.

We care about the environment and this is one of the main reasons to select the complete product line, from mats to clothing, all are being produced with the environment in mind. All products are toxic and chemical free, they have low emissions during and after production, recycled material is being used and sourcing for raw materials is taking in to account.

Due to the high quality standards, the products last longer, this is good news for you, your wallet and the environment.

The WEB shop is opening soon , you can take a look at If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to pre-order now.

We hope that you can experience the beautiful addition to the services at Dushi Yoga Bonaire in all your future yoga practices!

Namaste and enjoy this marvellous day,

Dushi Yoga