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Inhale rest.

Exhale stress.

This class is meant to balance our yin and yang. Yin is feminine, dark, cold and passive. Yang is active, warm, muscular. By starting the asana practice with active standing poses, connecting with the breath and warming up, we are stimulating the yang side. The remaining half of the class we will be doing more passive poses (yin). Holding the poses for a longer period of time, completely relaxing the muscles and deepening the poses. Using only our breath and gravity. During the yang poses the focus is on activating the muscles and the connection between the asanas and the breath, whilst the yin poses are more focused on relaxing the muscles, creating a deeper penetration true the connective tissue and improving the mobility of the joints. Yin yoga is beneficial for expanding flexibility and releasing energetic blockages. Yin yoga is an gentle, calming, meditative practice.

Dragana Drmesic

Yoga Asana Teacher